Does God Speak Through Horoscope?

We read our reality through the eyes of the channels of our character, encounters, and qualities – in aggregate, our insights. We make attributions with what we see faster than we can even comprehend. Add to this the reality we’re all otherworldly creatures, looking for importance throughout everyday life; we all the more effectively track down some unacceptable answers, believing they’re appropriate for us.

Consider horoscope. There are 12 assortments – one of twelve boxes we fit into. The hypothesis of horoscope is we’re comparable, if not the equivalent, as others brought into the world in a similar time of the year as we were. Consider that briefly.

Christians hold that God talks through his Spirit in approaches to convey the desire of God – what we’re to do, truth be told, just and reasonable. Christians, by character and not only name, don’t go into Crystal-ball looking or ruminating over what the day holds for them, however they may supplicate – once more, looking for God’s will.


By attempting horoscope, and effectively searching it out in papers or by means of Internet applications and so on, we’ve chosen to line up with a conviction framework that sorts us into character types by birthdate. Consider the rationale in that.

Add to this the way that horoscope tracks down that 12 character types will have comparative fortunes on a specific day. Consider the rationale in that. The facts confirm that any horoscope investigation can be perused a wide range of ways, similarly as individuals self-select a specific thing of visionary premium. ‘Your day will be busier than typical’, isn’t really that pivotal. Horoscope Father George Rutler is nonexclusive enough in its structure that it fulfills the peruser who trusts in it. The adherent looks to be certified in the perusing.

Difference this with the rationale of faith in the Christian God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To untouchables the philosophy of God might be befuddling. However, this piece is basic: we are to adore in Spirit and in truth, as indicated by John 4:24. God is Spirit; we love in Spirit – and not by means of any charm or symbol. That leaves truth. Anything that comprises of truth is of God. Furthermore, however we accept by confidence, God has figured everything legitimate that stay alive in reality. Does horoscope, in any capacity, remain alive in truth? Does it, for example, teach or challenge or certify us in regards to good or moral truth?

I, and numerous others, would contend that horoscope doesn’t, in any structure, have a place with reality. Faith in horoscope fulfills an otherworldly inclination, yet in obviously false. We give ourselves what we need, leaving God a long way from see. The fact of the matter is the Evil One (Christians call him ‘Satan’) has achieved his objective in redirecting and weakening our love when we pick horoscope or some other symbol of distorted core interest. An in any case life-changing love is passed up.


God doesn’t talk through horoscope, yet our longing to hear from God is ‘heard’ in our attribution of the horoscope – how we sort out it. Horoscope doesn’t fit, at any level, reality. What’s more, as horoscope nullifies the point of confidence, by tending to our craving to anticipate or decipher our day, it can’t fit in arrangement with a genuine love of God. Individuals of God are advocated by their confidence alone.